《Six》 18'12"

Bahaa el GamalDrama

A gramophone breaks the silence, they are getting dressed up to meet the coming visitors, she is searching for the butterfly necklace, she founds a gun, and then everything started. Sometimes love can be a deadly gamble.

《NEXT! 》

《NEXT! 》 3'28"

Aitor ArenasDrama

Waiting the turn in a common day.

《A Glass Of Soda Water》

《A Glass Of Soda Water》 11'00"

Adriana YurcovichDrama

A woman live alone in a poor apartment in Buenos Aires city. A teenager stoles a bag near there, he run away the police and decided to hide in the house of this woman. During the hours that he must stay in her house, the relationship between them change dedefinitely.

《The Strangers》

《The Strangers》 15'00"

Sebastian CaulierDrama

Five girls camping in a house in the Formosa province. One of them disappeared.Her friends talked about her disappearance. Step by step this peacefully afternoon turn a nightmare.

《Paris Quintet In Practice Makes Perfect》

《Paris Quintet In Practice Makes Perfect》 11'12"

Benjamin SchuetzeDrama

5 young men in matching suits living in a one room apartment plan their future in Paris and meeting the woman of their dreams.

《Talk To Him》

《Talk To Him》 7'30"

Agata PrętkaAnimation

The animation exposes the problem of a constant flow of information in the surrounding world.

《Crossbow Killer》

《Crossbow Killer》 18'52"

Kepa SojoDrama

Pedro and his son Javier go wild mushroom picking to the forest.

《The Last》

《The Last》 10'00"

Cristian CartierDrama

Natalio has lost his "Egg Empire" and all his chickens except one: Pechuga. She is his only reason for living and his only hope to recover his Empire. Natalio suspects everybody in town wants to steal Pechuga. Natalio is about to explode.