《Breakfast at Enrique’s》

《Breakfast at Enrique’s》 18'00"

Oscar BernacerDrama

Two strangers share breakfast. A train passes by. Will they dare catch it?

《The Teacher And The Flower》

《The Teacher And The Flower》 8'48"

Daniel IrabienAnimation

In a violent and selfish world, the only place where the Teacher finds peace is taking care of the flower. But when love locks at his door, he must decide if he risks everything for it.

《Orbit Ever After》

《Orbit Ever After》 20'05"

Jamie StoneDrama

Earth’s orbit. The distant future. Two star-crossed lovers overcome all probabilities and sacrifice everything they have in order to spend one perfect moment together.

《Paris Quintet In Practice Makes Perfect》

《Paris Quintet In Practice Makes Perfect》 11'12"

Benjamin SchuetzeDrama

5 young men in matching suits living in a one room apartment plan their future in Paris and meeting the woman of their dreams.

《The Railway Watchman》

《The Railway Watchman》 11'00"

Piotr SzczepanowiczAnimation

The life of a railway watchman living in a small station in the middle of the forest follows the rhythm of passing trains. A young woman on a bike is a regular visitor to the station, yet every meeting with her proves a wasted opportunity for the watchman.

《The F Word>

《The F Word> 9'41"

Kieran MurrayDrama

The F Word is a romantic comedy about a man named Ned and his relationship with his close friend Penelope who he deeply admires. She has labeled him as nothing more than a friend and the story follows his determination to conquer this friend zone.