《Grimms Meise》

《Grimms Meise》 15'00"

Corinne Le HongDrama

oachim suffers from hallucinations. Suffers? Not really, because the “patrulls“, little paper men, entertain him fabulously.


《Wind》 4'00"

Robert LöbelAnimation

The invisible made visible: what does wind look like, and where does it come from?


《Liebling》 7'00"

Izabela PlucinskaAnimation

What is it like to lose your memories? When you wake up and don't recognize your husband?

《Berlin Recyclers》

《Berlin Recyclers》 6'00"

Nikki SchusterAnimation

A decommissioned high-voltage electric power station is the monster’s grotesque face.it’s Berlin alright.


《Momentum》 7'00"

Boris SeewaldDocumentary

For some it is just an ordinary party snack, but for Patrick, a tortilla chip started a moment of self-discovery.

《Five Minute Love Story》

《Five Minute Love Story》 7'00"

Robert JenneDrama

A five-minute relationship going through the emotions of a lifetime-relationship. All you ever wanted, feared and lost in five minutes.

《Deutsche Hirschrufmeisterschaften》

《Deutsche Hirschrufmeisterschaften》 4'30"

Andreas TeichmannDocumentary

The 13th annual championship of the German deer caller community, in Dortmund. Eight gentlemen and one lady compete in three categories.

《Steffi Gefällt Das》

《Steffi Gefällt Das》 4'30"

Philipp ScholzDrama

Paul shares everything with their online-friends immediately and he can´t live without his smartphone. But on his lucky day he should have better left it at home.

《Grünes Gold》

《Grünes Gold》 13'00"

Barbara MarheinekeDrama

truth and lies are sometimes so closely tied that at a certain point anything seems possible

《Moritz Und Der Waldschrat》

《Moritz Und Der Waldschrat》 20'00"

Bryn ChaineyDrama

Moritz finds it hard to accept his brother's grave illness. So he enters into an arrangement with a mystical creature.