《Mirage》 9'19"

Iker Maidagan & Dana TerraceAnimation

A young Inuit boy reaches waters no one has ever reached before while trying to fish in the Arctic wilderness.


《B-1033》 5'00"

Paweł KryszakAnimation

An anonymous clerk in an anonymous system is browsing through the files, searching for information on a young woman kept in detention.



Till NowakAnimation

A genius musician lives a lonely life in a surreal, floating world. He plays the piano every day in a gigantic concert hall, but there is nobody to listen. One day his animated world collapses and he must face reality

《Glenn, the Great Runner》

《Glenn, the Great Runner》 3'00"

Anna ErlandssonAnimation

Glenn, the great runner, is about to compete. The question is, will he get the support he needs?

《The Bloody Cup Inn》

《The Bloody Cup Inn》 10'13"

Ben WoodsDrama

A grizzly man at a strange bar tries to convince an arrogant newcomer that he is dead and that he is at the bar souls go to before moving on to hell.

《Outside of  The Elevator》

《Outside of The Elevator》 6'53"


Synopsis: The film describe a life path of a girl through the elevator that she passes every day.

《Talk To Him》

《Talk To Him》 7'30"

Agata PrętkaAnimation

The animation exposes the problem of a constant flow of information in the surrounding world.


《Gallery》 5'00"

Robert ProchAnimation

Three different characters arrive at the strange world of retail park, and in doing so enter a twisted game where how they appear to one another defense how they act. Grotesque picture about how the day off can become working one.

《The Railway Watchman》

《The Railway Watchman》 11'00"

Piotr SzczepanowiczAnimation

The life of a railway watchman living in a small station in the middle of the forest follows the rhythm of passing trains. A young woman on a bike is a regular visitor to the station, yet every meeting with her proves a wasted opportunity for the watchman. One of passing trains will evoke his reflection on life.

《Lala Woodland》

《Lala Woodland》 3'00"

Intoxic Studio MediaAnimation

Animals are living in an illusory forest. Their complicated half-animal-half-man thinking pattern changes their life; it also erases their memory of the purest life as animals.


《Liebling》 7'00"

Izabela PlucinskaAnimation

What is it like to lose your memories? When you wake up and don't recognize your husband?

《Rain In The Eyes》

《Rain In The Eyes》 9'03"

Rita BasultoAnimation

Sofía, a seven years old girl, remembers the day she fractured her arm while being chased through the forest. A story full of fantasy that hides a heart rending moment in Sofía’s life.