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1st Chengdu(China) International Short Film Week, host by Ergeng, will present hundreds of exquisite short films from all over the world in Chengdu. Hundreds of film production companies, the related platforms, investment organizations and film releasing units, also with thousands of outstanding short film directors and industry experts will be gathered in Chengdu. We aim at building a platform for the international industry communication, collaboration and trading by hosting a series events including short film screening, forum and film market.


1st Chengdu China International Short Film Week


International Short Film Innovative Business Forum


Dec.3, 2016 -Dec.6.2016


Main Venue:Chengdu West Village,Shaocheng International Culture & Creativity Silicon Valley

Branch Venue:10 colleges in Chengdu, hotels, art space, incubators, etc


More than 1000 international and domestic film and television professionals, over 100 thousand university teachers and students and the audience


  • 柏林国际短片节
  • 联形创态亚洲有限公司
  • 西班牙百纳图影视制作机构
  • 瑞士电影协会
  • 墨西哥电影局
  • 阿根廷国际电影局
  • 欧盟短片电影节
  • 波兰克拉科夫电影基金会
  • 美国南加州大学
  • 韩国MBC
  • 香港生产力促进会
  • 中国电影家协会
  • 中国电影集团公司
  • 中国传媒大学
  • 上海温哥华电影学院
  • 新浪微博
  • 方所
  • working文创孵化器

Ticket Agents

  • 大麦网

Designated car

  • 神州买买车


Take it! This is your ticket to get off the market!

2016-11-16 10:16

It’s time to watch Love theme short films! Please take this ticket to help you get off the market! On December 4th from 15: 00 to 17: 00. We are waiting for you to call on love in White Night Bar.

Investment Market in Full Swing

2016-11-16 15:04

International short film screening week is coming! Short film festival trade fair is attracting investment in full swing! The organizing committee will support the international short film trading market and provide a great opportunity for the film and television producers to show their company's image, creativeness and ability.

Renowned Filmmakers Gathered in Chengdu

2016-11-16 10:16

Opening soon! Ergeng’s "University Director Support Program" is in full swing. Renowned filmmakers from 11 countries are all coming to Chengdu. More than 150 excellent short films are ready for display. All of this contributes to the creation of the ‘Creative Culture Center’.

Volunteer Recruitment

2016-11-16 10:09

We need to recruit volunteers for the 1st China Chengdu International Short Film Screening week. Job Positions: Executive Team 30, Propaganda Team 10, Supply Team 10, Check-in Team 10, Reception Team 25, Selling Team 10, Translation Team 10 . Recruitment Time: 2016.10.25-11.25 Volunteer Service Time: 2016.12.3-12.6 Enrollment Method: Send your resume with file name "Team + Name + Specialty" to E-mail After receiving your resume, we’ll call you in three working days for interview. The final hiring results will be released on WorKING Incubator’s official WeChat account. Please make sure to check out the result.

Great Directors Coming to Chengdu

2016-11-16 10:01

As a prelude to the International Short Film Screening Week, the "Ergeng • New Media Alliance—College Directors Supporting Program" will be held from October 17 to 20 in Chengdu. The famous documentary directors Liang Bibo, Zhou Hao, the actor and screenwriter Fu Shaojie, as well as two of Ergeng’s outstanding young directors will deliver speeches in Sichuan Normal University, Southwest Petroleum University, Chengdu University and Chengdu Neusoft Universiy and communicate with students face to face.